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Having no limits or boundaries.
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1. having no limits in space; infinite or boundless
2. occupying no space
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(ˈspeɪs lɪs)

1. having no limits or dimensions in space; limitless; unbounded.
2. occupying no space.
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There is sad confusion, indeed, when the spirit thus flits away into the past, or into the more awful future, or, in any manner, steps across the spaceless boundary betwixt its own region and the actual world; where the body remains to guide itself as best it may, with little more than the mechanism of animal life.
In sections on meeting the student and the self, meeting the master, and meeting the artist, they consider such aspects as attachment or antithesis: middle school children and writing as relational consciousness, expressions of humor in persuasive writing: developmental trends and pedagogical implications, writing as the philosopher: Murdoch and the theory, timeless and spaceless writer: the case of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, and the literary spaces of Mervyn Peake's <The Gormenghast Trilogy/> used as a foundation for architectural exploration.
Nothing in nature or natural reasoning can explain how the universe (or even a pre-existent spaceless and matterless environment of quantum laws) could have been produced by nothing from nothing." Hoyle's view did not sit well with other theologians who dismissed miracles as products of the imagination, as hoax or fraud.
Trip Out and Fall Back, "cause [s] the room to become spaceless /
One problem that immediately arises with such scenarios is that the individual 'subject' imagines them as if isolated in a timeless and spaceless box (a realm where all other temporal and spatial factors are considered irrelevant).
The mental mutation shunned the grounded whisperings of the clan in the preceding spaceless, timeless chanting of the magic mutation, and the oral stories of the mythic mutation.
Her lavish use of goldleaf to create spaceless space backgrounds for some of her works resonates from the world of Byzantine icons and medieval Christian paintings--as well as from the illuminated manuscript traditions within the Christian and Jewish European worlds.
For while divine transcendence is revealed--as it must be, being spaceless and timeless--only within and as ontologically interpenetrative with consciousness, it also remains transcendence.
Beyond history spaceless capital is beyond nation quintessentially" (Latouche, 1993, 69).