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a. Mathematics A set of elements or points satisfying specified geometric postulates: non-Euclidean space.
b. The infinite extension of the three-dimensional region in which all matter exists.
a. The expanse in which the solar system, stars, and galaxies exist; the universe.
b. The region of this expanse beyond Earth's atmosphere.
a. An extent or expanse of a surface or three-dimensional area: Water covered a large space at the end of the valley.
b. A blank or empty area: the spaces between words.
c. An area provided for a particular purpose: a parking space.
4. Reserved or available accommodation on a public transportation vehicle.
a. A period or interval of time: within the space of a week.
b. A little while: Let's rest for a space.
6. Sufficient freedom from external pressure to develop or explore one's needs, interests, and individuality: "The need for personal space inevitably asserts itself" (Maggie Scarf).
7. Music One of the intervals between the lines of a staff.
8. Printing One of the blank pieces of type or other means used for separating words or characters.
9. One of the intervals during the telegraphic transmission of a message when the key is open or not in contact.
10. Blank sections in printed material or broadcast time available for use by advertisers.
v. spaced, spac·ing, spac·es
1. To organize or arrange with spaces between: Carefully space the words on the poster.
2. To separate or keep apart: The buildings are spaced far from each other.
3. Slang To stupefy or disorient. Often used with out: The antihistamine spaces me out so I can't think clearly.
v.intr. Slang
To be or become stupefied or disoriented. Often used with out: I was supposed to meet her, but I spaced out and forgot.

[Middle English, area, from Old French espace, from Latin spatium.]

spac′er n.


1. a piece of material used to create or maintain a space between two things
2. (Computer Science) computing a keyed space in text or data; space character
3. (Astronautics) a person who travels in outer space


n (for metered-dose inhaler) cámara espaciadora
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Balloon spacers company BioProtect reported on Wednesday the start of its international multi-centre clinical trial of the ProSpace biodegradable spacer device that provides significant reduction of rectal radiation exposure.
BioProtect said this prospective, randomised study will demonstrate the safety and efficacy of the ProSpace biodegradable spacer to protect the rectum and lower GI tract during radiation therapy for prostate cancer compared to patients without any spacers.
Such is the case of the clutch disc spacer bolt, in which its functional geometry is defined after the riveting process.
Spacer said the acquisition is part of Spacer's growth strategy to take on the USD 27bn US self-storage market, and disrupt commercial real estate across America.
Number and node length of spacers and total spacer length significantly increased in C-D class from forest canopy to large gap, but there was no significant effects in other classes, as a interactive effects of canopy condition and ramet class on spacer traits.
Smart Spacer consists of a purpose-designed TKR prosthesis with a smart innovative surface coating.
Morrow, Rudd, and Rhoads, based on minimal-pressure technique, recommend blocking out undercut areas with wax and then adapting a full wax spacer 2 mm short of the resin special tray border all over.
This piece of metal is used as a spacer between the side mount and the flat surface at the side of the receiver to hold the base flush with the gun stock.
Is MDI efficacy with spacer is equivalent to MDI without spacer when used for delivery of combination drugs (Fluticasone and salmeterol)?
Since 2007 Edgetech has manufactured Super Spacer from its Coventry base and supports customers who manufacture 28,000 insulated glass units in the UK every day.
Our goal is to collaborate with the desalination community to share, bounce and test ideas, as we believe the next wave of innovation could come from the feed spacer," Soltero adds.
Adding a spacer to an MDI reduces the speed of the aerosol and holds it in suspension, allowing effective inhalation.