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n. Physics
The four-dimensional continuum of one temporal and three spatial coordinates in which any event or physical object is located.
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DISTORTIONS IN SPACETIME AT MANCHESTER SCIENCE FESTIVAL One of the highlights of this year's Manchester Science Festival programme, this immersive art installation imagined what it would be like to be sucked inside one of space's most mysterious phenomenons - a black hole.
Among his topics are the genesis of galaxies and the birth of giant black holes, gravitational waves: spacetime vibrations, neutron stars: the largest atomic nuclei in the universe, black holes as the crown jewel of Einstein's theory, and death and birth: the tale of cosmic explosions.
The mass inferred by spacetime curvature matches the mass as measured by the stars' motions--exactly as general relativity predicts.
spacetime orb a cloud of unknowing (holding all trajectories)
Nokia has acquired SpaceTime Insight to expand its Internet of Things portfolio and IoT analytics capabilities, and accelerate the development of new IoT applications for key vertical markets.
Nokia said on Monday it has acquired software maker SpaceTime Insight, which industrial customers use to manage millions of devices and assets across their networks, marking the equipment supplier's latest push to expand beyond telecoms.
Think of it as a kind of vacuum energy permeating the fabric of spacetime that defies measure."
In the early development of the general theory of relativity, Einstein proposed a tensor equation to mathematically describe the mutual interaction between matter-energy and spacetime as [13]
[2] extended this work for a higher dimensions spacetime and showed that for multihorizon BHs the area product formula should be quantized by satisfying the following relation:
In this paper, a novel spacetime collocation method for modeling of transient flow in unsaturated soils for rainfall-induced landslides is presented.
Thirty four years later, a follow-up documentary series, "( Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey ," was released by Fox.