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or space walk  (spās′:wôlk′)
A stint of extravehicular activity by an astronaut in space.

space′walk′ v.
space′walk′er n.
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(Astronautics) a person who manoeuvres in space while outside but attached to a spacecraft
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Noun1.spacewalker - an astronaut who is active outside a spacecraft in outer spacespacewalker - an astronaut who is active outside a spacecraft in outer space
astronaut, cosmonaut, spaceman - a person trained to travel in a spacecraft; "the Russians called their astronauts cosmonauts"
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INTO SPACE: He flew on the threeday Gemini 10 mission, launched July 18, 1966, during which he set a world altitude record and became the nation's third spacewalker, but lost a 470 dollar Hasselblad camera full of pictures while doing so.
Even after that, there's a chance of the spacewalker losing consciousness from exhaustion, as work in zero-gravity space requires much more effort than on Earth.
Its creators saw Robonaut as a potential spacewalker, off in the future, that could venture outside for mundane tasks, saving astronauts considerable time and risk.
She's also the world's most experienced female spacewalker, with 10 under her spacesuit belt.
Bratsch acts as a looking glass, Kraus as an electro- hypnagogic spacewalker through painted matter: over and out!
Spacewalker and scientist, free thinker and friend to our planet, and all who seek new knowledge, to say he will be missed would be a gross understatement.
Whitson, 57, is already the world's most experienced spacewoman and female spacewalker. And she is the oldest woman to have gone into space.
The trouble cropped up after the astronauts including Britain's 1st spacewalker successfully restored full power to the space station.
Several guest bands and DJs from the region are to play this weekend: DJ Phillie P and Spacewalker (Serbia), Mr.Goju (Montenegro), Woo D (Slovenia) and KOSTA and UFE (Romania) among others.
LEpez-AlegrE[degrees]a is the second most experienced spacewalker overall, behind Russia's Anatoly Solovyev.
The Great Lakes Brewing Company announces a new Seasonal, Spacewalker American Belgo.