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Peace lilies, which produce white, cupped spathes with a pronounced finger-like spadix are outstanding for removing airborne contaminants and can live for many years on little more than occasional watering and feeding.
The titan arum is made up of a tall, skinny spadix and a large outer skirt called the spathe.
The juice is tapped from the spadix before they are completely developed.
Apalai' (IAC NK 130), which is vigorous and productive with rounded spathe, red and white spadix with yellow apex, widely cultivated and marketed in Sao Paulo with good acceptance.
If your mum looks in spring, she'll see the strange flowers that precede fruit - green spathes with a purple spadix.
5-2 cm wide, green, narrowly acuminate, erectspreading; spadix green, cylindroid-tapered subsessile, 75-8.
Flowering time Flowering The Flowering 60 days Flowering Beginning start end of duration end of March January Spadix characteristics Spadix 29 Length of 63cm Weight of 2000g numbers chosen chosen in the spadix spadix tree Strands characteristics Strands 346 Average of 15.
Aroids are perennial herbs characterized by inflorescences consisting of a finger-like spadix surrounded by a vase-like spathe.
Due to the efforts of Investigation Team, following recoveries have been made so far, Rs 446,610,979 in the shape of cash, two residential houses situated at Islamabad, two medicine industries namely Spadix pharmaceuticals & Goodman laboratories situated at Rawat, Rawalpindi, a residential plot measuring 16 Kanals situated at Gujranwala 4 costly vehicles have been recovered from one Mian Moin Aslam, who received cash and vehicles from family of Mufti for his release.
An infrared camera captured time-sequence thermal imagery of the flower as her spadix, the tall core spike housing both female and male flowers, heated up to nearly human body temperature.
There were 21 plant parts used by local healers for treating any diseases including leaves, root, rhizome, corm, seed, climbing stem, whole plant, peel, stamen, heartwood, calyx, resin of seed, petiole, bark, resin, pulp, spadix.