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v. Archaic
A past tense of speak.


archaic or dialect a past tense of speak



v. spoke, spo•ken, speak•ing. v.i.
1. to utter words or articulate sounds with the ordinary voice; talk.
2. to communicate vocally; mention.
3. to converse.
4. to deliver an address, discourse, etc.
5. to make a statement in written or printed words.
6. to communicate, signify, or disclose by any means.
7. to emit a sound, as a musical instrument; make a noise or report.
8. to utter vocally and articulately.
9. to express or make known with the voice.
10. to declare in writing or printing, or by any means of communication.
11. to use, or be able to use, in oral utterance: to speak French.
12. to communicate with (a passing vessel) at sea, as by voice or signal.
13. Archaic. to speak to or with.
14. speak for, to speak in behalf of.
15. speak out, to express one's opinion openly and unreservedly.
16. speak up,
a. to speak loud enough to be heard.
b. to speak out.
1. so to speak, figuratively speaking: We lost our shirt, so to speak.
2. speak well for, to be an indication or reflection of (something commendable).
3. to speak of, worth mentioning: no debts to speak of.
[before 900; Middle English speken, Old English specan, variant of sprecan, c. Old Frisian spreka, Old Saxon sprekan, Old High German sprehhan]
speak′a•ble, adj.


a combining form extracted from newspeak, used in the formation of compound words that denote the vocabulary of a field, person, era, etc.: adspeak; artspeak; futurespeak.
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But at last his heart changed,--and rising one morning with the rosy dawn, he went before the sun, and spake thus unto it:
The saint laughed at Zarathustra, and spake thus: "Then see to it that they accept thy treasures
So spake the Eternal Father, and all Heaven Admiring stood a space; then into hymns Burst forth, and in celestial measures moved, Circling the throne and singing, while the hand Sung with the voice, and this the argument:-- "Victory and triumph to the Son of God, Now entering his great duel, not of arms, But to vanquish by wisdom hellish wiles
Meanwhile, Dawn enlists her 'little Russy' to do the modelling, but Spake is worried it will affect the "special relationship between a butcher and his clients".
And behold, the heavens parted, and the Lord spake unto them, saying: "Chill, dudes.
Airport There were 10 series plus festive specials of this Heathrow-based documentary which gained notoriety for Jeremy Spake, the bearded outspoken star who soon became a TV personality in his own right.
The move, so spake the ASA's national council, "is warranted given U.
AIRPORT LIVE BBC2, 8pm Documentary series Airport finished its run for good way back in 2008 (Jeremy Spake certainly has a lot to be thankful for since the show thrust him into mild celebrity status).
17 -- Human rights are our common heritage and their realization depends on the contributions that each and every one of us is willing to make, individually and collectively, now and in the future - thus spake Louise Arbour, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.
Jeremy Spake became a household name after he was filmed working as a check-in supervisor on popular fly-onthe-wall series Airport.
Three Purcell anthems Rejoice in the Lord Always, My Beloved Spake and My Heart is Inditing were rather mixed in delivery, with solo groups puny at times in projection and timbre, but with crisp, thrilling diction from the sonorous full chorus.
The author explains how Nietzsche's work embodied his life, and how the lack of systemic thinking in works such as Beyond Good and Evil and Thus Spake Zarathustra actually represent a unified set of thoughts.