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EDGERTON: August 11 A number plate was stolen from a Peugeot 307; August 12 A spare wheel was stolen from under a VW Transporter.
Early buyers questioned the car's refinement, its driving dynamics, its interior and the need to drive around with a huge great spare wheel hanging off the back of the tailgate.
Now it's got a smarter interior, cleaner engines, more equipment - and you don't have to carry around a huge great spare wheel on the tailgate.
For vehicles without the spare wheel, the rear swing-gate has been revised to allow for easier partial opening where space is limited.
The vehicle features the same design as the Bolero, with sweptback headlights and the spare wheel mounted on the tailgate.
There is a spare wheel suspended on the rear door and the spare wheel has a black cover which has the words 'Hillendale' written and a photo of a witch on a broom.
Tweaks to the suspension have improved the ride plus there's greater refinement, a smarter cabin and the option to do without the rear-mounted spare wheel.
The Class A drug was stashed in the bumpers, wheel arches, dashboard, central console, spare wheel compartment, engine and rear seating of the luxury car.
com adds "Global and Chinese Spare Wheel Cover (Automobile) Industry, 2009-2019 Market Research Report" to its store.
Opinion is divided when it comes to the rear door–mounted spare wheel and it did seem a little dated.
The model has a bold front grille with short front overhang, upright windscreen, flared wheel-arches and rear-mounted spare wheel.
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