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tr.v. spared, spar·ing, spares
a. To refrain from harming, injuring, destroying, or killing: The general spared the city from a bombardment.
b. To leave undamaged or unharmed: The oldest trees in the forest were spared from the fire.
c. To refrain from denouncing or distressing; treat leniently or with consideration: The teacher spared the student's feelings by not criticizing her.
d. To allow (someone) to avoid experiencing or doing (something): spared myself the trouble of going to the store.
a. To hold back from; withhold or avoid: spared no expense for the celebration.
b. To use or supply with restraint: Don't spare the mustard.
3. To give or grant out of one's resources; afford: Can you spare ten minutes?
adj. spar·er, spar·est
a. Kept in reserve: spare parts.
b. Being in excess of what is needed; extra: spare cash.
c. Free for other use; unoccupied: spare time.
a. Not lavish, abundant, or excessive; meager: a spare breakfast.
b. Lean and trim: a runner with a spare figure.
c. Not elaborate or ornate; simple: a writer's spare style.
1. A replacement, especially a tire, reserved for future need.
2. Sports
a. The act of knocking down all ten pins with two successive rolls of a bowling ball.
b. The score so made.
to spare
In addition to what is needed: We paid our bills and had money to spare.

[Middle English sparen, from Old English sparian.]

spare′ly adv.
spare′ness n.
spar′er n.
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Noun1.sparer - someone who refrains from injuring or destroying
benefactor, helper - a person who helps people or institutions (especially with financial help)
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References in classic literature ?
He had grown sparer, and lost his colour, and spoke and dressed quite differently; and, on the very day of his return, he told Joseph and me we must thenceforth quarter ourselves in the back-kitchen, and leave the house for him.
A purist fan of the original staging may miss its sparer design's challenge to the imagination, but the visual dramatics of the current version lend a whole new specificity to a child's imagined world.
Michael Sparer, chair and professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management at Columbia University, has argued that, due to its flexibility, superior coverage characteristics, and more attractive cost structure, "Medicaid for More" trumps "Medicare for All" as a basis for coverage expansion.
And her craft, though it has evolved into something sparer and more abstract, is recognizable as the same careful wordsmithing that produced Labrador: "Her skin, too, had the slightest green tint to it, not unlike the Qingbai porcelain water dropper that had traveled with us the length of the Silk Road, only to end its days in the top drawer of the bachelor chest among the marbles." I think this book suffers on a single read, and that it might need to be reread to make sense of its slowly revolving scenes, the sense that the same thing is happening over and over but it can't be described or set in memory.
Empirical researchers have confirmed that individuals' attitudes toward change are critical for the success of a change (Nohe, Michaelis, Menges, Zhang, & Sonntag, 2013); thus, the concept of attitude has received much attention from both researchers and practitioners (Battaglio & Condrey, 2009; Isett, Glied, Sparer, & Brown, 2013; Kelman, 2005).
Medicaid managed care is intended to control Medicaid costs; therefore, states with higher Medicaid managed care enrollment may have a lower Medicaid payment for dual-eligible beneficiaries (Sparer 2012).
We read about his mentor Isaac Deutscher, the historian of Communism who extolled Trotsky as a Romantic hero; Jessica Mitford, the renowned muckraker who tried to get a progressive journal that had accepted Horowitz and Collier's critical account of the Panthers to censor it before publication; Ellen Sparer, another childhood friend, party member, and Queens College instructor who was raped and murdered by a student she had refused to recognize as dangerous because of his belonging to "the oppressed"; and Christopher Hitchens, who doesn't fit the category of naive believer or unrepentant radical (more on this below).
The BIPOD iteration of "FLA-CO-MEN" was sparer still.
In comparing Polinice to Racine's Thebaide, Salsano argues that Alfieri's interpretation of the conflict between the brothers Eteocles and Polynices both privileges the political dimensions underlying the story and elevates the sparer language utilized by Racine, all in an effort to "realizzare un piU dinamico contesto drammatico" (89).
Another option, advocated by Michael Sparer and embodied in a bill introduced by Senator Brian Schatz, would let any eligible individual buy into Medicaid, including those otherwise eligible for individual marketplace or employer coverage.
As Joyce Sparer Adler suggests, Ahab "does not really want to see more than he does, or to sort out complexities, subtleties, and interconnections" (68).