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tr.v. sparged, sparg·ing, sparg·es
1. To spray or sprinkle.
2. To run additional water through (a partly or completely drained mash) to extract more fermentable sugars.
3. To introduce air or gas into (a liquid).
A sprinkle.

[Obsolete French espargier, from Old French, from Latin spargere.]

sparg′er n.
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While bioreactors have similar components--impeller, sparger, reactor, etc.--any change in their size, shape or relationship to other elements will cause variations in reactor temperature gradients, the flow of culture media or the degree of perfusion and mixing.
The bottling line is custom-made and includes argon sparger, Mori six-spout filler, Enolta Mapan Mini Lux semi-automatic vacuum corker, Tosa Mecc foil spinner (used for clients' wines only) and FX-10 labeler.
[6, 7] in a pipe of diameter 52 mm and length 5500 mm with a sparger to inject the air flow.
Wise arrived in New York in 1846 with a copy of Sulzer's Schir Zion (32) Other Sulzer acolytes also brought his spirit to American soil, including William Sparger, an early progenitor of the American cantorate; Alois Kaiser, founder of the Society of American Cantors (1894) and editor of the first edition of the Union Hymnal (1897); (33) and a string of Sulzer students and emulators who graced San Francisco Bay Area pulpits in the mid- to late-nineteenth century.
The fermenter equipped with 6-blade turbine, baffled pyrex jacket, and round shape sparger. The medium used a working volume of 4 L containing 40 g/L fructose, 4 g/L yeast extract, 3 g/L ammonium chloride, 3 g/L NaCl and 4 g/L K[H.sub.2]P[O.sub.4].
Eductor nozzles are strategically attached to sparger piping and cleaner solution is driven through by a dedicated pump.
Drum-Floc can be mixed in a closed basin by mixing with an air sparger line or circulation pump, followed by pump or vacuum removal of solids.
The aeration was carried out through a Sparger at 15 L min-1 for 8 h to enhance biomass production before switching over to 3 L min-1.
The aeration was carried out through a sparger at 15 1/mm for 8 h to enhance biomass production before switching over to 3 1/mm.
By using a mixer instead of a pump or air sparger, the filter cleans all of the media in every cycle to eliminate media fouling, the company says.