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tr.v. sparged, sparg·ing, sparg·es
1. To spray or sprinkle.
2. To run additional water through (a partly or completely drained mash) to extract more fermentable sugars.
3. To introduce air or gas into (a liquid).
A sprinkle.

[Obsolete French espargier, from Old French, from Latin spargere.]

sparg′er n.
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2 ]through a gas sparger that feeds the oxygen-enriched water into a custom injection header inside the bottom of the EQ tank.
Drum-Floc can be mixed in a closed basin by mixing with an air sparger line or circulation pump, followed by pump or vacuum removal of solids.
See Sparger v Worley Hosp, 547 SW2d 582, 583 (Tex 1977).
The system (patent pending) is comprised of a KLS Helical Separator, high pressure injection pump, inlet liquid sparger system, waste collection tank (waste collection tank must be pre-loaded with injection liquid of customer's choice), duplex side stream filter system.
Winekeeper offers systems with a sparger, a wand that can be inserted into an open bottle and fill it with nitrogen.
Pedersen NC, Torten M, Rideout B, Sparger E, Tonachini T, Luciw PA, et al.
Helpful comments and suggestions from Andreas Hornstein, Jennifer Sparger, Alex Wolman, and Roy Webb are gratefully acknowledged.
A 'breathalyzer' was constructed using a sparger, a NCW/SNC balloon and spectrophotometer to demonstrate the forensic applications of alcohol chemistry.
In order to evaluate the effect of the microspheres on nucleation, each formulation was subjected to nitrogen being injected through a sparger tube until a maximum gas loading was achieved.