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She has designed remedial systems for high vacuum extraction, enhanced in-situ bioremediation (EISB), Liquid Boot sub-slab vapor intrusion mitigation, air sparging, sub-slab depressurization, soil vapor extraction, groundwater pump and treat, dual-phase extraction, zero-valent iron injection, and chemical oxidation injection.
Ozone sparging performed with the help of spargers, kills bacteria in water eliminating the use of harmful disinfectants, such as chlorine.
All mobile bottling lines are capable of sparging the bottle with inert gas to diminish the oxygen content within the bottle.
The Sunrise Cleaners location on Baltimore Pike is currently the site of the final stages of air sparging, a technique designed to remove the VOCs from the groundwater.
According to the company, the new polymer increases robustness of mammalian cells to shear from sparging, resulting in increased viability of cells in the bioreactor.
(4) Add 0.05 g cysteine-HCl or DTT per 100 mL and continue sparging for 10 minutes.
For example, 2010146-ESP-Gas Sparging of Essential Oils (2) would be revision 2 of the experiment specification (ESP) for experiment number 2010-146, Gas Sparging of Essential Oils.
ALICAT SCIENTIFIC reports it has expanded its BASIS line of mass flow controllers, adding a new 20SLPM model to fit a wider range of applications including sparging into liquids, sample dilution, and many gas mixing applications.
One procedure to remove these impurities is called sparging. Typically, nitrogen is used not only to deaerate water, but to prevent oxygen and C[O.sub.2] reabsorption.