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spark 1

1. An incandescent particle, especially:
a. One thrown off from a burning substance.
b. One resulting from friction.
c. One remaining in an otherwise extinguished fire; an ember.
2. A glistening particle, as of metal.
a. A flash of light, especially a flash produced by electric discharge.
b. A short pulse or flow of electric current.
4. A trace or suggestion, as:
a. A quality or feeling with latent potential; a seed or germ: the spark of genius.
b. A vital, animating, or activating factor: the spark of revolution.
5. sparks(used with a sing. verb) Informal A radio operator aboard a ship.
6. Electricity
a. The luminous phenomenon resulting from a disruptive discharge through an insulating material.
b. The discharge itself.
v. sparked, spark·ing, sparks
1. To give off sparks.
2. To operate correctly. Used of the ignition system of an internal-combustion engine.
1. To set in motion; activate: The incident sparked a controversy.
2. To rouse to action; spur: A cheering crowd sparked the runner to triumph.

[Middle English sparke, from Old English spearca. V., from Middle English sparken, from Old English spearcian.]

spark′er n.

spark 2

 (spärk) Archaic
1. An elegantly dressed, highly self-conscious young man.
2. A male suitor; a beau.
v. sparked, spark·ing, sparks
To court or woo.
To court a woman or women.

[Perhaps of Scandinavian origin or from spark.]

spark′er n.
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1. a thing that stops or prevents sparks
2. a small firework
3. (Geological Science) geology an exploratory sonar for sea-bed formations
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Noun1.sparker - a wire net to stop sparks from an open fireplace or smokestack
meshwork, meshing, network, mesh, net - an open fabric of string or rope or wire woven together at regular intervals
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9.30: K McCartney & P Whitelaw; Sparker & W Russell.
The Bulls extended their list of absentees to include newly acquired sparker Otto Porter Jr.
Although the two never disclosed that they have already tied the knot, some fans assumed that they did after Kournikova was spotted with a big sparker on her left hand's ring finger in June 2016.
They require no magneto, sparker or batteries and operate smoothly and continuously without depositing carbon in the combustion chamber.
Susie Parker of the Sparker Strategy Group, Steve Lambert of the Canadian Press, and Newfoundland and Labrador MHA Bernard Davis discussed how politicians are increasingly using social media to interact with constituents and disseminate their messages.
Take the time to scrape off enough fine flakes--about the size of a quarter--and place it into the tinder nest as a small mound before striking the sparker side.
Dual burners in a cast-aluminum firebox light via the one-touch sparker to quickly heat the 223-square-inch porcelain grate.
In this method produce the seismic wave by synthetic energetically source(explosion, sparker or hammer) at a point and received by array of receivers in a straight line.
He said: "His vividi imagination was sparker d by his experiences x livingi in Llandaff and Radyrd (to wherer the familyl later moveo d).