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adj. spark·i·er, spark·i·est
Animated; lively.

spark′i·ly adv.


adj, sparkier or sparkiest
lively; vivacious; spirited


(ˈspɑr ki)

adj. spark•i•er, spark•i•est.
1. emitting or producing sparks.
2. animated; lively.
spark′i•ly, adv.


[ˈspɑːkɪ] ADJvivaracho, marchoso


[ˈspɑːrki] adj (British) (= lively) [person] → radieux/euse; [event] → étincelant(e)sparring match [ˈspɑːrɪŋ] n
(BOXING)combat m d'entraînement
(= argument) → échange m verbalsparring partner [ˈspɑːrɪŋ] n
(BOXING)sparring-partner m
(fig)adversaire mf de toujours
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Osvaldo, one of their sparkier performers in Goiania, is suspended after picking up a yellow card in stoppage time while striker Diego Souza is flying back from London having been on tour with the Selecao.
With an over-long first half, the show teetered on the brink of boredom but a sparkier second half turned it around.
But it's there to testify too, that all of life can be found in Pontypridd and that Sam Jones is just as sparky, if not sparkier than any Hollywood A-lister.
I'm going to find a slightly sparkier title than that.
The mood of the Gloucestershire handler should be a lot sparkier if Reg''s Ruby runs to form at the Somerset track.
Recalling Evanescence's My Immortal, the latter benefits further from the contrast with its sparkier predecessor Parking Lot, while acoustic closer The Collector is another highlight.
The marriage has evolved, we are a bit sparkier now.
In addition, dreary greetings such as "hi", "hey" and "hello" are far less successful than sparkier openings like "how's it going" and "what's up".
The first-floor Reading Room (entry by ticket) mixed the silent, anonymous private researcher, devoting his life to shipwrecks or hotel ownership, with the names (a little like a successful Lloyd's Syndicate) of authors such as Lady Bassett, Manning Clark (nicknamed 'God' by one of the sparkier junior female librarians), Cyril Pearl and his masterful second wife, Keith Dunstan, Michael Clarke (whose two studies of his family remain unequalled for their candour and urbanity) and many others.
I hope these shows will have an impact on what is being made over here and we'll see some sparkier series in the future.
But jeweller Signet had a sparkier time, shining up nine per cent as traders gave the thumbs-up to yesterday's upbeat third-quarter statement.