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adj. spark·i·er, spark·i·est
Animated; lively.

spark′i·ly adv.


adj, sparkier or sparkiest
lively; vivacious; spirited


(ˈspɑr ki)

adj. spark•i•er, spark•i•est.
1. emitting or producing sparks.
2. animated; lively.
spark′i•ly, adv.


[ˈspɑːkɪ] ADJvivaracho, marchoso


[ˈspɑːrki] adj (British) (= lively) [person] → radieux/euse; [event] → étincelant(e)sparring match [ˈspɑːrɪŋ] n
(BOXING)combat m d'entraînement
(= argument) → échange m verbalsparring partner [ˈspɑːrɪŋ] n
(BOXING)sparring-partner m
(fig)adversaire mf de toujours
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Over the past decade, it has attracted India's sparkiest minds to code, brainstorm and play in its pulsing startup tech scene.
Much Ado About Nothing is Shakespeare's sparkiest comedy, and Beatrice and Benedick such a strong starcrossed pairing that they tend to leave all other characters and plotlines in the shade.
Are the sparkiest oldies in the village finally back on track?
The Spaniard, even though he's still not quite at his sparkiest, has got to fancy his chances of getting on the scoresheet against the Hammers.
A week or two at a hotel in a ski resort, the "hardest I've ever worked in my life", was enough to convince him that being a restaurateur was not for him, and so he joined Oddbins, the sparkiest wine merchant in town.
For the first time, United were back in the mire and Liverpool's equaliser -- courtesy of a John O'Shea own goal -- came at a time when they were at their sparkiest.
Jug-eared Wayne Rooney was England's sparkiest player, so naturally he was withdrawn by manager Sven-Goran Eriksson and replaced with Emile Heskey.
BBC Wales has joined with BBC Scotland and Northern Ireland to launch its search for the next generation of programme makers and entertainers with the most creative and sparkiest ideas.
Comparisons with My Family are inevitable, and not just because it's from two of that show's original (and sparkiest) writers, Ian Brown and James Hendrie.
It's just the sort of banter you might expect from two of England's sparkiest rugby stars on the eve of an intriguing Tetley's Bitter Cup semi-final which could make or break each club's season.
So if you're ready for an electric shock, here's where you can find 3Style's sparkiest ensembles.