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tr.v. spark·plugged, spark·plug·ging, spark·plugs Informal
To inspire or energize (an endeavor, for example).
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Whatever told Martin to go, it enabled him to become a sparkplug of the Cardinals, a role that he filled admirably for another decade, including the mid-1930s period of the Gas House Gang along with Durocher, Frisch and Dizzy Dean.
The committee sees itself as the "sparkplug" that Hill stimulate residents to talk and listen to each other, work for change and speak out against injustice.
* It hits the sinoatrial (sigh-no-A-tree-ull) node, which fires like a sparkplug. (The SA node is the heart's natural pacemaker.)
GM pulled the sparkplug on Oldsmobile and very soon the brand will cease to exist.
sparkplug from a sump, but you'll drive him to distraction in these...
Known to many as the sparkplug in the engine of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Joseph T.
Quickly nicknamed "Sparky" by an uncle fond of Sparkplug the horse in the "Barney Google" comic.
The acknowledged sparkplug of this ecological enthusiasm is the aptly named Temple Green, an entrepreneur who moved to town 18 years ago.
The machine produces sparkplug 'shells in five operations, where it used to' take a six-die coldformer.
David Judge, in SparkPlug, at the Unity Theatre Picture: DECOY MEDIA
Tots Carlos became the Lady Maroons' sparkplug in antagonizing the Lady Tamaraws, delivering kills when needed most to notch the team's second straight win.
Sparkplug Sabastian Oquendo scored 5 and Godfrey bagged 4 steals.