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tr.v. spark·plugged, spark·plug·ging, spark·plugs Informal
To inspire or energize (an endeavor, for example).
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Silva knows his Bullpups counterpart Goldwin Monteverde is plotting a strong response behind his main aces, led by Batang Gilas standout Terrence Fortea, sparkplug Winderlich Coyoca, Matthew Manalang and big man Rhayyan Amsali.
Fortea had eight of his 17 points off the bench as he served as the sparkplug for NU to set up the best-of-three championship duel against Ateneo.
Jennings has shown he's far more effective as a sparkplug off the bench rather than a starter.
1, 24" length, for 3/8" bolts, 1 ea of scraper, glass, razor blade type, 2 ea of wrench,13"/16",comb,box/open end, 15 ea of sparkplug, chainsaw, 3 ea of saw kit,18v,reciprocating,lithium ion, see attached file.
A local nonprofit organization, Sparkplug Dance, has been awarded a $2,500 grant from the Oregon Community foundation to support its "Dancing Dreams" residency.
The BBC were recently handed their chance to change things on a plate, almost literally, when the main bloke, Jeremy Sparkplug, lost his temper over some food incident and had a go at one of the staff.
Boulette on his return to the lineup: "I think we needed a sparkplug so luckily I was able to be a sparkplug for this team and get a couple of hat tricks against some good teams.
With seasonal shades like Sparkplug and Party Starter, there are certainly enough lippy picks here to see you through the 12 days of Christmas.
JESSE Mychan, a rough, tough sparkplug of a player, is the latest Cardiff Devils recruit.
The ZoomInfo Data Append SparkPlug automatically adds real-time data to information submitted by prospects via Eloqua Web forms.
Just her sparkplug personality is kind of fun," he added.
As for the cylinders, we built small chambers of plastic pipe to house the dataloggers, then screwed these into the sparkplug holes.