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spar 1

1. Nautical A wooden or metal pole, such as a mast, boom, yard, or bowsprit, used to support sails and rigging.
2. A usually metal pole used as part of a crane or derrick.
3. A main structural member in an airplane wing or a tail assembly that runs from tip to tip or from root to tip.
tr.v. sparred, spar·ring, spars
1. To supply with spars.
2. Obsolete To fasten with a bolt.

[Middle English sparre, rafter.]

spar 2

intr.v. sparred, spar·ring, spars
a. To fight with an opponent in a short bout or practice session, as in boxing or the martial arts.
b. To make boxing or fighting motions without hitting one's opponent.
2. To bandy words about in argument; dispute.
3. To fight by striking with the feet and spurs. Used of gamecocks.
1. A motion of attack or defense in boxing.
2. A sparring match.

[Middle English sparren, to thrust or strike rapidly, perhaps from obsolete French esparer, to kick, from Old Italian sparare, to fling : s-, intensive pref.; see sforzando + parare, to ward off; see parry.]

spar 3

A nonmetallic, readily cleavable, translucent or transparent light-colored mineral with a shiny luster, such as feldspar.

[Low German, from Middle Low German; akin to Old English spær- (in spær-stān, gypsum).]


also Spar  (spär)
A member of the women's reserve of the US Coast Guard, disbanded as a separate unit in 1946.

[Contraction of Latin semper parātus, always prepared, the motto of the US Coast Guard : semper, always + parātus, prepared.]
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Noun1.sparring - an argument in which the participants are trying to gain some advantage
contestation, controversy, disceptation, arguing, argument, contention, disputation, tilt - a contentious speech act; a dispute where there is strong disagreement; "they were involved in a violent argument"
2.sparring - making the motions of attack and defense with the fists and arms; a part of training for a boxer
boxing, pugilism, fisticuffs - fighting with the fists
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sparring match
n (lit)Sparringkampf m; (fig)(Wort)geplänkel nt, → Wortgefecht nt
sparring partner
n (lit)Sparringpartner(in) m(f); (fig also)Kontrahent(in) m(f)
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Soon, the Englishman who had tossed the caber was sparring with the dramatic critic, Hazard and Hall boxed in fantastic burlesque, then, gloves in hand, looked for the next appropriately matched couple.
"Easy sparring now"; "No roughhouse, Bideaux"; "Just light tapping, you know," were admonitions variously addressed to the Iron Man.
With these words, the speaker tapped himself on the waistcoat to intimate that he was the Jem Groves so highly eulogized; sparred scientifically at a counterfeit Jem Groves, who was sparring at society in general from a black frame over the chimney-piece; and, applying a half-emptied glass of spirits and water to his lips, drank Jem Groves's health.
Gary Sansom triumphed in both his sparring and forms competitions, while Rick Burns was first in the forms and thrid in the sparring.
Louis O'Gara came second in both the Under 16 points sparring and continuous sparring while Robert Gledhill took silver in the Over 85 kilo sparring and bronze in the continuous sparring.
Eight-year-old Joe Clifton claimed Halewood Tae Kwon-Do Club's first gold medal in the red belt boys sparring division at the GTI National Open.
The competition was held over three days and first up was Dean's son Harrison, competing for Wales for the first time in his career, and he got them off to a fantastic start by winning the gold medal for sparring and bronze for patterns.
Golds were won by sparring brothers Rhys and Jacob Clark in their respective weight category while Ross Duff won gold in the children's sparring event.
Bernadetta Kaminska celebrated gold in sparring and team patterns and silver in pattern.
Manny Pacquiao versus Adrien Broner: No sparring, no problem !-- -- Abac Cordero (The Philippine Star) - December 13, 2018 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines Manny Pacquiao's trainer is not worried at all that the world champion who is nearing his 40th birthday had skipped sparring the other day at the Elorde Gym in Pasay City.
Delighted head coach Chris Markey Ben Ramage said: "We picked up a number of medals in sparring and in the team sparring event.
Pete Williams clinched silver in the adult male patterns and sparring categories, while Seren Williams, a 10-year-old junior black belt, won a silver and a bronze in the sparring and tag team sections.