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Adj.1.sparrow-sized - having the approximate size of a sparrow
sized - having a specified size
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Sparrow-sized but slim, with a long, deeply notched tail, the male has a black head, white collar and a drooping moustache.
The sparrow-sized bird with a distinctive, twitching chestnut tail is usually a very scare summer visitor, nesting in built-up areas.
Those who hunt them with a passion refer to them as*marsh hens, but old-timers call only the bantam-sized kings and clappers by that name, refusing to shoot the sparrow-sized Virginia and sora rails.
Let me in before I die." If I could muster half the pathos when my pollo arrosto arrives charred and sparrow-sized, I'd dine free at Maria's the rest of my life.
To look at these tiny, sparrow-sized birds, it seems incredible that in just 20 weeks' time, some of them could grow to as big as 18lb.
A spokesman for the RSPB said wrynecks are small sparrow-sized birds, appearing greyish overall, with brown and buff mottling.
The artist's sparrow-sized work, which sat on a four-metre pole, was snapped from its legs at the end of last week.