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a. espasmódico agente que produce espasmos.
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Allergen-induced anaphylactic airway smooth muscle contraction is a widely used in vitro animal model to demonstrate immediate mast cell degranulation and rapid release of spasmogens like histamine and peptidoleukotrienes, causing bronchial contraction (Roquet et al.
The gingerol acts on the common site of contractile process and inhibits the contraction of the endometrial muscles produced by spasmogens such as acetylcholine and histamines (Gilani and Atta-ur-Rahman, 2005).
1] would be inversely related to the increase in Qaw as the vascular clearance of locally released spasmogens would increase with the increase in Qaw.
Although the extracts were used for KCl- and oxytocin- induced uterine contraction, however, the comparison of PGE antispasmodic effect on these spasmogens shows that the effects of the extracts on oxytocin-induced contractions is more potent than on KCl-induced contraction.
In conditions like allergic asthma, platelets participate by acting as inflammatory cells, by releasing mediators, spasmogens and/or by interacting with other inflammatory cell types.