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1. Of, relating to, or characterized by spasms: a spastic colon; a spastic form of cerebral palsy.
2. Affected by spastic paralysis.
3. Offensive Slang Clumsy or inept.
A person affected with spastic paralysis.

[Latin spasticus, from Greek spastikos, from spān, to pull.]

spas′ti·cal·ly adv.
spas·tic′i·ty (spă-stĭs′ĭ-tē) n.
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I had the fish, the fish had me, and now Elva was spastically yanking on both of us.
All the while, Necla, the perfect hostess, would move between bodies attentively, spastically like the flickers of electricity.
The leaves fell spastically, truly random, among the manicured garden, frosted glass table, and the bird feeders strung on poles to prevent bandit squirrels from indulging.
I could see its feet kicking spastically. She said Almost done, Angel, then bent over and said something else.
They dropped like the stones I'd throw in Catclaw Creek or fluttered spastically and panickedly up whereupon I took more tenacious aim-- much more difficult now because they moved-- not me, frozen as if in a camera's flash-- troubling the tyranny of the ordinary as if a wave of meaning or unmeaning went rippling like heat through the yard.
Oh, how I would have loved to shoot one of those and watch it spastically tumble into the salty bay.
By the end of the 1950s, Tinguely was creating his Metamatic drawing machines that started up when a coin was dropped in, spastically marking back-and-forth scrawls.
Picture number 6: Spastically analysed with continuous measurements and are presented on Mean [+ or -] SD (Min-Max) VAS is more in control group (p<0.001at 0 hours, p=0.001at 2hrs, p 0.46 at 6 hrs, at 12 & 16 hours 0.002) VAS=visual analogue score.
It's a spastically edited chronicle of their first jaunt around Europe last year, put together from footage the Spanish four-piece shot itself: clips of the girls lugging gear around, scenes from a Paris house party, and some silly dancing.