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1. Bog spavin.
2. Bone spavin.

[Middle English spaven, from Old French espavain, swelling, perhaps of Germanic origin.]


(Veterinary Science) vet science enlargement of the hock of a horse by a bony growth (bony spavin) or fluid accumulation in the joint (bog spavin), usually caused by inflammation or injury, and often resulting in lameness
[C15: from Old French espavin, of unknown origin]


(ˈspæv ɪn)

1. a disease of the hock joint of horses in which enlargement occurs due to collected fluids, bony growth, or distention of the veins.
2. a growth or enlargement so formed.
[1400–50; late Middle English spaveyne < Old French (e)spavain, esparvain swelling, of uncertain orig.]
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Noun1.spavin - a swelling of the hock joint of a horse; resulting in lameness
animal disease - a disease that typically does not affect human beings
blood spavin - spavin caused by distension of the veins
bog spavin - spavin caused by collection of fluids
bone spavin - spavin caused by a bony growth


[ˈspævɪn] Nesparaván m


nSpat m
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He has been treating me six weeks now--for spavins. What I need is SPECTACLES.
"And I hope this will be a lesson to you, Spavin," she said, "and that on the next drawing-room day my brother, Sir Pitt, will not be inconvenienced by being obliged to take four of us in his carriage to wait upon His Majesty, because my own carriage is not forthcoming." It appears there had been a difference on the last drawing-room day.
Steene, since his marriage, had lost all interest in the "bulbul," openly preferred discussing the nature of spavin with a coarse neighbour, and was angry if the pudding turned out watery--indeed, was simply a top-booted "vet.", who came in hungry at dinner-time; and not in the least like a nobleman turned Corsair out of pure scorn for his race, or like a renegade with a turban and crescent, unless it were in the irritability of his temper.
Damme if I think he meant to turn king's evidence; but he's that sort of bragging fellow, the bragging runs over hedge and ditch with him, till he'd brag of a spavin as if it 'ud fetch money.
If you were unable to attend and are interested in the sessions I mentioned here, they are available at in addition to other sessions that covered: Pfizer's external drug product planning and management (Raul McGuirk); CMO and CDMO market analysis (Dave Windley); cGXP data integrity and suppliers John Avellanet); quality metrics guidance (Donna Gulbinski); FDA investigator insights (Jogy George); and drug development and partnerships with CDMOs (Jim Spavins).
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