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1. The eggs of aquatic animals such as bivalve mollusks, fishes, and amphibians.
2. Offspring, especially when occurring in large numbers.
3. A product or an outcome: the spawn of a prodigious imagination.
4. Mycelia of mushrooms or other fungi grown in specially prepared organic matter for planting in beds.
v. spawned, spawn·ing, spawns
1. To deposit eggs; produce spawn.
2. To produce offspring in large numbers.
1. To produce or deposit (spawn).
2. To produce (offspring).
3. To produce or give rise to: tyranny that spawned revolt.
4. To plant with mycelia grown in specially prepared organic matter.

[Middle English spawne, from spawnen, to spawn, from Anglo-Norman espaundre, from Latin expandere; see expand.]

spawn′er n.
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Noun1.spawner - a female fish at spawning time
fish - any of various mostly cold-blooded aquatic vertebrates usually having scales and breathing through gills; "the shark is a large fish"; "in the living room there was a tank of colorful fish"
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chilensis is a partial spawner which can release up to two masses of eggs per day in a long reproductive season, averaging 621 [+ or -] 458 masses per season.
The fish swam off strongly and, having been carefully handled, it has every chance of making it back to sea and returning to the river in a year or two as a repeat spawner.
For the IBI, the individual metrics included number of species (species richness), total fish abundance, and % of lithophilic spawner metrics.
Based on a monthly natural mortality rate estimate of 0.53, virtual population analysis was performed to obtain two population indices: (1) snail spawner virtual abundance (or SS index), and (2) snail recruit virtual abundance (or SR index).
In some cases, the author "became curious about an industry and then worked from there to find the main talent spawners"; at other times, he "wondered if a prominent person was a superboss and followed up with research" or heard of a "talent spawner from a protege and decide to map out the industry in depth." Finkelstein's research team conducted more than 200 interviews of potential superbosses and their proteges to collect anecdotes and other evidence for analysis.
Like most of fish species in the family Lutjanidae, the Brazilian snapper is a multiple batch spawner with asynchronous oocyte development and indeterminate fecundity regulation (Bannerot et al., 1987; Ferreira et al., 2004; Evans et al., 2007; Brule et al., 2010; Freitas et al., 2011; Fernandes et al., 2012).
The diameter and corrected fecundity ranges of Alabama shad are similar to those of the American shad, a known heterochronal spawner, which could suggest a continuing pattern of heterochronal spawning within the Alosa genus (11).
All of spawner fish were subsequently kept at out-door circular concrete at a density up to 10 kg/m3.
So when I saw an angler reel in a huge spawner in the shad zone below the Holyoke Dam last week, I was quite surprised.
lepida is a crevice spawner like the majority of Cyprinella.
tennesseensis has been presumed to be a nest associate spawner and has been observed over the nest of Campostoma anomalum (Starnes and Jenkins, 1988; Jenkins and Burkhead, 1994).
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