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tr.v. spayed, spay·ing, spays
To remove surgically the ovaries of (an animal).

[Middle English spaien, from Anglo-Norman espeier, to cut with a sword, from espee, sword, from Latin spatha; see spathe.]
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Adj.1.spayed - (of a female animal) having the ovaries removed
castrated, unsexed - deprived of sexual capacity or sexual attributes
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Fresh from its recent two-day sterilization outreach program called 'Libreng Kapon sa Mga Aso at Pusa' in Tondo, Manila, on June 29-30, where they spayed and neutered 500 dogs and cats, PPBCCF now goes to Bohol.
"When unspayed boys are left with a clowder of neutered girls, they get extremely frustrated, and end up badly injuring or even killing the females, so it's essential that feral cats are spayed regardless of their sex," West explained.
To cure this condition, the cat should be spayed and progestin treatment discontinued, if being used.
Q Is it kinder to let a female cat have one litter before having her spayed? I have a female kitten aged four months coming up to that age.
Cats Protection recommends that cats are spayed or snipped at around four months or younger, saying that the cats live longer, healthier lives.
I have no intention of breeding her, but I have delayed having her spayed because a breeder recommended I read an article published online in PLOS ONE about the UC Davis study you cited.
Can you come and meet Tootsie, who is going to be spayed by you today?" Even if her teeth were slightly gritted.
Kilois a sweet one-year-old spayed Terrier/Pit Bull mix.
Korean K9 reportedly told Cipia that she could not have the dog back until she paid $250 to have the dog spayed. Korean K9 director Gina Boehler told the Post that New York City's Health Department requires groups like that to fix dogs before returning them to owners.
To date the organization has spayed and neutered over 38,500 cats, preventing the births of hundreds of thousands of unwanted cats in Denver and surrounding areas.
"My last setter was never spayed. In fact, she had a few litters of pups, and hunted well until she was 12, and occasionally until we had to put her down when she was 14." This last statement drew scowls of disapproval from the young vet and her tech.