speak against

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w>speak against

vi +prep obj (in debate) → sprechen gegen, sich aussprechen gegen; (= criticize)etwas sagen gegen, kritisieren
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Now of those principles on which the Carthaginians have established their mixed form of government, composed of an aristocracy and democracy, some incline to produce a democracy, others an oligarchy: for instance, if the kings and the senate are unanimous upon any point in debate, they can choose whether they will bring it before the people or no; but if they disagree, it is to these they must appeal, who are not only to hear what has been approved of by the senate, but are finally to determine upon it; and whosoever chooses it, has a right to speak against any matter whatsoever that may be proposed, which is not permitted in other cases.
I was brave that day, because they were burning my house, and there are a hundred, and even a thousand, to speak against one, that if those gentlemen of the riots had not formed that unlucky idea, their plan of attack would have succeeded, or, at least, it would not have been I who would have opposed myself to it.
He then called for his horses, drove to the Chamber, and inscribed his name to speak against the budget.
And then such a number of circumstances have happened bad for him, and such a number of people will be brought forward to speak against him, and Bucket is so deep.
You must speak against what is going on in our country today.
Hundreds of women are set to take to the streets to speak against economic, reproductive and environmental injustice.
She walked out of the House when the deputy speaker did not allow her to speak against the resolution.
Imran Khan and his associates speak against parliament but also draw their monthly salaries from there and even of those time period when they resigned from it,' he said.
The license of this factory is with us, so we should not speak against it)".
Even the supreme leaders are not satisfied with this constitution, however, they hesitate to speak against the constitution.
We will speak against FGM even in public forums without the fear of losing political grip," he said.
I will continue to speak against corruption,' he said.