speak for

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speak for

vb (intr, preposition)
1. to speak as a representative of (other people)
2. speak for itself to be so evident that no further comment is necessary
3. speak for yourself informal (used as an imperative) do not presume that other people agree with you
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Verb1.speak for - be a spokesperson for; "He represents the Government's position"
represent - be representative or typical for; "This period is represented by Beethoven"


1. To engage in spoken exchange:
Informal: confab, visit.
2. To direct speech to:
3. To express oneself in speech:
Idioms: open one's mouth, put in words, wag one's tongue.
4. To talk to an audience formally:
Archaic: bespeak.
phrasal verb
speak for
To serve as an official delegate of:

w>speak for

vi +prep obj
(in debate) → unterstützen
to speak for somebody (= on behalf of)in jds Namen (dat)sprechen; (= in favour of)ein gutes Wort für jdn einlegen; he speaks for the miners/delegationer ist der Sprecher der Bergleute/Abordnung; I know I speak for all of usich bin sicher, dass ich im Namen aller spreche; speaking for myself …was mich angeht; let her speak for herselflass sie selbst reden; speak for yourself! (= I don’t agree)das meinst auch nur du!; (= don’t include me)du vielleicht!; I can speak for his honestyich kann mich für seine Ehrlichkeit verbürgen; that speaks well for himdas spricht für ihn; to speak well/badly for somethingein Beweis m/nicht gerade ein Beweis mfür etw sein
to speak for itself (= be obvious)für sich sprechen, alles sagen
to be spoken for (dated: girl) → versprochen sein (old), → vergeben sein (hum); the chair had already been spoken for (hum)der Stuhl war schon reserviert; that’s already spoken for (hum)das ist schon vergeben
References in classic literature ?
You have loved yourself; let your old love speak for me
The semiotic operation of the canon was supposed to control the understanding of the included texts, to establish an authorized and complete intertextual network that would enable the Bible (in the right hands) to speak for itself.
Yet, I speak for the church publicly every time I make the sign of the cross, display the ashes on my forehead on Ash Wednesday, or wear a crucifix.