speaker identification

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Noun1.speaker identification - identification of a person from the sound of their voice
recognition, identification - the process of recognizing something or someone by remembering; "a politician whose recall of names was as remarkable as his recognition of faces"; "experimental psychologists measure the elapsed time from the onset of the stimulus to its recognition by the observer"
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Interpol, the international police agency, launched the Speaker Identification Integrated Project (SIIP), in 2014.
Reason8 uses multiple smartphones and a patent pending AI-based approach to boost quality of speaker identification and drafting of meeting summaries.
Chief Executive Officer Sam Liang founded AISense with a plan to transform voice conversations using Ambient Voice Intelligence, a proprietary technology that is capable of automatic speech recognition, speaker identification and separation, speech-and-text sync, deep content search, and natural language processing.
The most common feature used for speaker identification is Mel Filter Cepstral Coefficients(MFCC).
Rose, "Robust text-independent speaker identification using gaussian mixture speaker models," IEEE Transactions on Speech and Audio Processing, vol.
Gaussian mixture model is of the most widely used methods of speaker identification and verification.
The study on combination of different feature vectors for the accuracy of Speaker Identification (SI) based on Vector Quantization (VQ) performed well when compared with other paradigms.
The main goal of the present work is to implement an algorithm which enables to analyze the sufficient and necessary acoustic characteristics of the human voice used in speaker identification.
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