spear carrier

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spear′ car`rier

1. a supernumerary in a theatrical or operatic production.
2. a minor or subordinate member of a group.
3. a leader of a group or movement; spearhead.
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Noun1.spear carrier - a minor actor in crowd scenes
actor, histrion, thespian, role player, player - a theatrical performer
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The foreign secretary has said it shows that Britain is not "some bit-part or spear carrier on the world stage".
His first professional appearance came two years later, playing a spear carrier in Henry IV.
The 31-year-old actress has once claimed that she would rather do low-salary work in theatre for the rest of her life than accept a role "as a spear carrier in a Tom Cruise movie," but she has apparently forgotten about saying that since she is now co-starring with him in a new film.
Hired by Peter Cheeseman at Stoke as an assistant stage manager and "spear carrier in King Lear", after the first night he was offered a full-time role - and never went back to university.
"I started out as a spear carrier at the Royal Shakespeare Company for two years, understudying.
To make matters worse, Soyinka is a chronic name-dropper and so vain that he often sees himself as centre stage when he is in reality not much more than a spear carrier.
The major results for Canada will be to get a lot more soldiers killed in a hopeless meat grinder while having its international reputation ruined by being seen more and more as Washington's spear carrier. Keeping the soldiers in the southeast in any capacity until 2011 is an almost sure fire recipe for disaster.
McInemy would "gladly be a spear carrier in the opera of American fiction".
Who were you in that?' 'I told him I was a spear carrier but he didn't believe me.
Bathurst - whose unpromising debut on the London stage was as a spear carrier in St Joan at the National Theatre - has made it.
I feel that the only way that I can answer the questions I have about it is by performing it." Ibsen has intrigued Bening since she began acting, even though, as she says, "I was never even a spear carrier or anything in a small production anywhere - not that there are spear carriers in Ibsen."