spear carrier

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spear′ car`rier

1. a supernumerary in a theatrical or operatic production.
2. a minor or subordinate member of a group.
3. a leader of a group or movement; spearhead.
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Noun1.spear carrier - a minor actor in crowd scenes
actor, histrion, thespian, role player, player - a theatrical performer
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Of course, if the mainstream media weren't so in the hip pocket of the Abortion Industry and its academic spear carriers, they might actually read those who have actually read what Grossman/TxPEP have written, such as Dr.
It has long been a rite of passage for up and coming actors to start their careers in lowly roles known as "spear carriers" at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre - that's how the likes of Dame Diana Rigg began.
This book contains an impressive number of stunning illustrations, including black and white stills showing throngs of spear carriers and other pageant participants, as well as eight full-color plates of program covers and costume sketches, one by MacLiammoir and two richly detailed pen and ink drawings by the accomplished costume designer Seamus MacCall.
FINALLY, the stars of ITV's epic Beowulf adaptation have been named, but what of the ordinary Anglo Saxons in the crowd - or the "spear carriers", as they call them in the theatre?
Ultimately, the argument of the administration and its leftist spear carriers, along with the open-borders crowd on the "right," is this: It doesn't matter who is in the country, and states have no power to decide who resides within their borders.