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A man, especially a soldier, armed with a spear.
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n, pl -men
(Military) a soldier armed with a spear
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(ˈspɪər mən)

n., pl. -men.
a soldier armed with a spear.
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The matron, seeing my lady took an interest in the place, pointed out a girl to her, named Rosanna Spearman, and told her a most miserable story, which I haven't the heart to repeat here; for I don't like to be made wretched without any use, and no more do you.
My lady (being a Christian woman, if ever there was one yet) said to the matron, upon that, "Rosanna Spearman shall have her chance, in my service." In a week afterwards, Rosanna Spearman entered this establishment as our second housemaid.
Having fallen a good deal latterly into the late Sir John's way of always agreeing with my lady, I agreed with her heartily about Rosanna Spearman.
All I can say is, that the other women pounced on it like lightning the first day she came into the house, and said (which was most unjust) that Rosanna Spearman gave herself airs.
It's true, nevertheless, account for it as you may, that this was Rosanna Spearman's favourite walk, except when she went once or twice to Cobb's Hole, to see the only friend she had in our neighbourhood, of whom more anon.
Franklin, with his wonderful foreign training, nor I, with my age, experience, and natural mother-wit, had the ghost of an idea of what Rosanna Spearman's unaccountable behaviour really meant.
But Cycnus the stout spearman cared not to obey him and to pull up the horses that drew his chariot.
State Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman helped celebrate the program's launch at Pelion Middle School on Monday.
Para examinar el contenido recopilado de ambas variables de estudio, se aplico tecnicas estadisticas descriptivas como: tablas de frecuencias y porcentajes (%); asi como el coeficiente de Spearman, segun la prueba de normalidad de los datos.
We calculated the correlation between the PLK1 expression levels and the expression levels of another gene using the Pearson method, and the correlations between the PLK1 expression levels and the other variables including the enrichment levels (ssGSEA scores) of a gene-set, tumor mutation counts, and drug sensitivities (IC50) using the Spearman method.
Serum Insulin, TNF-[alpha], IL-1[beta], and Glucose Levels" section, the text reading "Spearman correlation analysis revealed that serum levels of insulin were positively correlated with TNF-[alpha] (r = 0.8052, P < 0.05) and IL-1[beta] (r = 0.7661, P <0.05) and showed significantly negative correlation between serum insulin levels and serum glucose levels (r = -0.7600, P < 0.05) (Figure 5)" should be corrected as follows.