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or special needs (spĕsh′əl-nēdz′)
Of or relating to people who have specific needs, as those associated with a disability: special-needs housing; a special needs teacher
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Between families of special-needs and healthy children experiencing orthodontic treatment, the observed general gratification was excellent and hopes were beyond expectations.
The goal is to create an integrated financial and life strategy that allows a special-needs child to maintain a sense of security, dignity and autonomy.
When my son was diagnosed at birth with Down syndrome, it became my personal mission to help families financially prepare for the rest of their own lives and the lifelong needs of their special-needs child.
Thanks to an emergency management initiative sponsored by the Illinois Public Health Association, the requirements of special-needs populations within Illinois have been formally included in local emergency preparedness plans.
Previous Tax Clinic items have addressed the deductibility and potentially tax-favored funding mechanisms of tuition and fees as medical expenses for special-needs children (see Goldsberry, Tenney and Luke, "Deductibility of Tuition and Related Fees as Medical Expenses," TTA, November 2002, pp.
A PRIEST was slammed yesterday for ordering two special-needs adults to leave his mass - because they were too noisy.
I recently relocated, leaving behind a private practice with about 7,000 special-needs people of all ages.
It was her success that inspired the Hebrew Home's Special Needs Volunteer Program (and Miriam remains a valued and respected Hebrew Home special-needs volunteer).
* Permit contributions for special-needs beneficiaries over age 18 and allow their accounts to continue after age 30.
In the special-needs world of designing for seniors, do hospitality planning principles and aesthetics really work?
In an income-cap trust, any income over the Medicaid limit (the "excess" income) is sheltered in a special-needs trust.
Hauling personal special-needs equipment across the ocean or around the world is inconvenient and not always trouble-free.

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