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v. spe·cial·ized, spe·cial·iz·ing, spe·cial·iz·es
a. To pursue a special activity, occupation, or field of study: a doctor who specializes in cardiology.
b. To provide something in particular or have something as a focus: The shop specializes in mountain-climbing gear.
2. Biology To become adapted to a specific function or environment; undergo specialization.
1. To give a particular character or function to: specialized her field of research.
2. Biology To adapt to a particular function or environment; cause to undergo specialization.
3. Archaic To make specific mention of; specify.


  • creperie - A restaurant specializing in crepes.
  • abandannad - A pickpocket specializing in bandannas or handkerchiefs.
  • cinematheque - A small movie theater specializing in art or classic films.
  • academic press - Also called a university press; a publishing house associated with a university or other scholarly institution, specializing in the publication of scholarly books and journals, particularly works written by its faculty.
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But Paul had had it secretly in mind all the time to study the natural sciences, specializing on chemistry, and at the last moment he switched over.
- is currently the largest Panasonic Service Center in the US, specializing in P2 and DVCPRO repairs as well as Panasonic and JVC warranty repairs.
Stone will serve as executive general adjuster in Portland, specializing in large and complex commercial claims.
Also a former managing director, Kevin Carton is a 12-year commercial real estate veteran, specializing in the office sector.
Small to 25-ton molds, specializing in larger molds for appliances, housewares and automotives.
It is assumed that 401(k) providers are just as up-to-date on and experienced with NQDC plans as those companies specializing in this area.
My experience indicates that many choose to send end-of-life monitors and televisions to processors specializing in the recycling of products containing cathode ray tubes (CRTs).
Guthrie plainly defines a cluster as a place where someone can walk across the street from their place of work and find another job; where there are a few dedicated businesses and a university specializing in a given field.
In others, students in one profession may pursue a specialty linked to another, such as a lawyer specializing in environmental issues, a social worker specializing in criminal justice issues, or a health professional specializing in management.
ABplan is a Europe-based electrical engineering company specializing in integration and automation control.
In multivariate analysis, specializing in obstetrics and gynecology and having more than 60% of patients who accept HIV testing were significantly associated with physicians' offering HIV testing to all pregnant patients.
Adriana Alexandrescu, IT director, Executive Search International: "ESI is a management consulting firm specializing in executive search and selection.

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