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(spē′shēz-spĭ-sĭf′ĭk, -sēz-)
Limited to or found only in one species: a species-specific antibody; a species-specific virus.

spe′cies-spec′i·fic′i·ty (-spĕs′ə-fĭs′ĭ-tē) n.
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A genus- and species-specific nested polymerase chain reaction malaria detection assay for epidemiologic studies.
Fireflies produce bioluminescence as a mating tool, in which males display a species-specific pattern of flashes while "cruising" through the air, looking for females, says lead author Andrew Moiseff of the University of Connecticut.
This clear species-specific distinction in MDMA recognition would be mediated at the molecular level due to amino acid differences between hSERT, dSERT and CeSERT.
The authors conclude that findings support species-specific metabolic effects of DEHP mediated by PPAR [alpha]
In particular, the present invention discloses nucleic acid molecules encoding canine IgG, including species-specific regions of the heavy chain of canine IgG, and canine IL-13R alpha chain (IL-13R.alpha.) proteins, particularly canine interleuken receptor alpha 1 (IL-13R.alpha.1) and canine interleuken receptor alpha 2 (IL-13R.alpha.2) proteins.
Each response was normalized against a pooled species-specific serum (Bioreclamation) run in every assay.
Evolutionary processes may primarily influence species-specific growth processes that unfold once gene activity is completed, Schwartz argues.
It draws flavours from six different home-style cooking methods, resulting in 10 character-specific profiles, like "roast" or "stewed", and seven species-specific profiles four varieties of beef plus pork, veal and lamb.
Species-specific differences suggest that PC may have a potential advantage at high temperatures.
They're often crop oriented, animal species-specific or focused on a particular geography: For instance, they may want to know what brands of injectable antibiotics producers are using during the spring months when beef cows are birthing their calves.
Many studies have focused on aspects of species-specific premating recognition that partition gene pools.