specific gravity

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specific gravity

The ratio of the mass of a solid or liquid to the mass of an equal volume of distilled water at 4°C (39°F) or of a gas to an equal volume of air or hydrogen under prescribed conditions of temperature and pressure. Also called relative density.

specific gravity

(General Physics) the ratio of the density of a substance to that of water. See relative density

specif′ic grav′ity

the ratio of the density of any substance to the density of a standard substance, water being the standard for liquids and solids.
spe•cif′ic-grav′i•ty, adj.

spe·cif·ic gravity

1. An amount equal to the density of a solid or liquid divided by the density of an equal volume of water that is at a temperature of 4°C (39°F).
2. An amount equal to the density of a gas divided by the density of an equal volume of air or hydrogen that is at a specified temperature and pressure.
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Noun1.specific gravity - the density of a substance relative to the density of water
relative density - the ratio of the density of something to the density of a standard
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The writers of universal histories and of the history of culture are like people who, recognizing the defects of paper money, decide to substitute for it money made of metal that has not the specific gravity of gold.
By a curious effect of specific gravity, these blocks, lighter than water, fled, so to speak, to the vault of the tunnel, that increased in thickness at the top in proportion as it diminished at the base.
By his orders the vessel was lightened, that is to say, raised from the ice-bed by a change of specific gravity. When it floated they towed it so as to bring it above the immense trench made on the level of the water-line.
We thought the tissued, infiltrated head of the Sperm Whale, was the lightest and most corky part about him; and yet thou makest it sink in an element of a far greater specific gravity than itself.
Each adult Martian female brings forth about thirteen eggs each year, and those which meet the size, weight, and specific gravity tests are hidden in the recesses of some subterranean vault where the temperature is too low for incubation.
It could emit, at will, a certain portion of the water, and it appears, therefore, probable that this fluid is taken in partly for the sake of regulating its specific gravity. This Diodon possessed several means of defence.
"No book," said Bentley, "was ever written down by any but itself." The permanence of all books is fixed by no effort, friendly or hostile, but by their own specific gravity, or the intrinsic importance of their contents to the constant mind of man.
The specific gravity of the dextran solutions and the observed gel flotation patterns following centrifugation are shown in the Table.
With the pair meeting on the same weight terms Dordogne will be expected to confirm superiority, but Specific Gravity showed up well for a long way at Newmarket - in-running players were sufficiently impressed for him to trade at a low of 1.51 after he quickened to briefly lead - and like many of Henry Cecil's runners this season was reported to have needed the run.
If the specific gravity is less than 1.100, or if the difference in specific gravity between cells is more than 0.025, don't use the battery!
That flow rate is too fast for drilling mud with a specific gravity of 2 to penetrate, but not for iron or steel balls or granulated iron and steel with a specific gravity of 7.
His first novel Specific Gravity deserves to be held within the cannon of Cook's and Crichton's best.