Specific legacy

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(Law) a bequest of a particular thing, as of a particular animal or piece of furniture, specified and distinguished from all others.

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16 per share net benefit related to a tax item and the gain on sale of RidgeWorth, partially offset by the resolution of specific legacy mortgage-related matters.
Assess the Impacts: In looking more closely at the decommissioning of specific legacy systems, project teams should conduct a detailed process and data impact analysis.
The new research showed that insects leave a specific legacy that remains in the soil after they have fed on a plant.
Each writer shows how her or his specific cultural heritage, physical location, and specific legacy of colonialism requires a specific sovereignty framework that her or his tribe or community chooses to use in the struggle against a colonial power.
A will can provide three types of legacies: a specific legacy, a general legacy, and a residual legacy.
Such products typically focused on specific legacy platforms or a limited number of applications.
That idea is a culturally specific legacy of religious beliefs about all humans being made in the image of God.

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