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(Nat. Hist.) the name which, appended to the name of the genus, constitutes the distinctive name of the species; - originally applied by Linnæus to the essential character of the species, or the essential difference. The present specific name he at first called the trivial name.
- Wharton.

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The specific name reticulatus would not apply to this; it should be guttatus rather.
Nyambati did not give specific names of voters bribed and the denominations used to bribe them.
Even though Mr Weinstein has worked with hundreds of actresses and actors who had only professional and mutually respectful experiences with him, Mr Weinstein has directed in the future that no specific names be used by his counsel, even where those actors have made previous public statements about him.
A spokeswoman for the disgraced movie mogul said Thursday that Weinstein has also directed his legal representatives not to use specific names of actors and former associates in the future.
Once again, moving forward, Mr Weinstein has advised his counsel to not include specific names of former associates; and to avoid whenever possible, even if they are in the public record.
Instead the UAE authorities would prefer specific names for names sharing.
Bruchhagen said the new man would be appointed "soon" but refused to give any specific names.
There were four specific names in the warrant and then John Does but nowhere in that paper will you see the names of Lobo Boniel and Brian Sayson,' Dela Cerna said.
July's full moon is called a thunder moon but other months have specific names.
Not all of the women portrayed are given specific names, yet each has something important to teach students of the Bible.
Clear, specific names end this confusion, meaning police, ambulance and fire authorities can quickly determine where they need to go and how to get there quickly, when minutes matter.
The Bank of Augusta has joined the crowd of banks adopting less geographically specific names.

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