spectacled caiman

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Noun1.spectacled caiman - caiman with bony ridges about the eyes; found from southern Mexico to Argentina
caiman, cayman - a semiaquatic reptile of Central and South America that resembles an alligator but has a more heavily armored belly
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The 15 to 20 centimetre baby spectacled Caimans were seized at Larnaca airport in October, after their arrival from the Netherlands along with a batch of 159 birds.
A number of people bought hatchling Spectacled Caimans (a form of South American crocodile) from a pet shop to keep as unusual and distinctive little pets.
Chief veterinary officer Pavlos Toumazos said his department confiscated the baby spectacled caimans -- small crocodile like creatures - at Larnaca airport after their flight on Friday evening because the importer did not have licensed premises in which to keep them.