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Of the nature of a spectacle; impressive or sensational.
Something that is spectacular, as an elaborate show or display.

spec·tac′u·lar′i·ty (-lăr′ĭ-tē) n.
spec·tac′u·lar·ly adv.
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the quality of being spectacular
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Subjected to the poem's brilliant spectacularity, one or both are blinded, their figures dissolved in an odd undoing that goes far beyond the material decay of the dead in the early stanzas of the poem.
This situation is a result, on one hand, of the ever changing regulations, thus favoring an increase in the power of action and, on the other hand, the increase of the spectacularity of the competitions, and in response, the sport training requires an approach from the perspective of increased intensity efforts (Dragan & colab., 1989).
The spectacularity of the palace is that during the construction no glue or nail has been used.
Synthesized, the author describes this discipline as a source of inspiration, as a science of synthesis and last but not least, as an element of great spectacularity, as a component of national history.
Both readings tie-in to the basic plot of La chispa: the violent impaling of the protagonist--a metonym of the human capital often invisible in a neoliberal/late capitalist regime--that lies prostate at the heart of the stage, an explicit mise-enscene of the idea of spectacularity. The viewer, like the live and televisual audience in the film, is placed at a dialectic position to the body.
This Fanonian concept draws on pictorial language to convey both the spectacularity of the black body and the violence of circumscribing that body in the narrowing confines of the white gaze.
Spectacularity Speed, endurance, a knack for 15 tangling in cover and insanely long whiskers.
(2) But a close analysis of several novellas reveals that when writing about God-like artists and their creations, Millhauser does not always do so in a "socially indifferent" manner: many of his works explore the social implications of the relationships between his male artists/creators and their often female creations by probing ideas about conventional gender roles, female spectacularity, and the male gaze precisely to highlight and critique the ways in which femininity has been socially and narratively constructed.
But this does not mean that Cornaro is simply reversing Conceptual art's initial reversal; just because photo-text disappears does not mean that painting-sculpture returns with a vengeance, bringing the spectacularity to which it is proximate along with it.
If, through the normalization of earthquakes and hurricanes as banal in media remembering, understanding is suspended because of the decontextualization of the suffering from its historicity; in iconic disasters, understanding is overwhelmed by intense emotionality and the spectacularity of the events.