spectral line

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spectral line

An isolated bright or dark line in a spectrum produced by emission or absorption of light of a single wavelength.

spec′tral line′

a line in a spectrum due to the absorption or emission of light at a discrete frequency.
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In order to make these observations, the scientists perused through data gathered by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and looked for spectra of other galaxies in a narrow spectral line called hydrogen alpha.
15) with i = 2, the spectral line intensity can also be described as:
The nature of the structural disorder in the alloys was studied via Urbach energy, obtained from optical absorption, and Raman spectral line broadening.
He developed much of the software for automating observations and for analysing spectral line data.
H-Alpha light is a spectral line centred on 656nm, and although it is the strongest emission line of ionised hydrogen, our eyes are not very sensitive to the deep red.
Fowler and Milne understood that the marginal appearance of a spectral line could be used in determining relative concentrations and provided some indication of the minimum number of atoms necessary for appearance [45,46].
Optically thin lines can be utilized for this purpose by evaluating the emission coefficient [epsilon] of the given line, by performing a Boltzmann plot or by fitting the spectral line shape [van den Hoek 1983, Lochte-Holtgreven 1995].
This DS Laboratories brand, including the Spectral line of leave-in treatments and the Revita line of shampoo, conditioner and eyelash treatment, reportedly expands the treatment options available for men and women suffering hair loss and thinning.
This translation was undertaken to make accessible to readers of English a foundational paper on the theory of spectral line shapes, "Sullo spettro di assorbimento dei gas nobili presso il limite dello spettro d'arco," U.
Millimeter-wave remote sensing serves two main functions: spectral line detection (spectroscopy), to distinguish the spectral signature for a specific element or molecule and determine its relative abundance and speed; and radiometry, to ascertain the temperature of the radiating source.
After brief incubation with SYTOX Green stain, the nucleic acids of dead cells fluoresce bright green when excited with the 488-nm spectral line of the argon-ion laser.
2] Cl spectral line intensities, intensity ratios and intensity vs.

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