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1. Of or resembling a specter; ghostly.
2. Of, relating to, or produced by a spectrum.

spec·tral′i·ty (-trăl′ĭ-tē), spec′tral·ness (-trəl-nĭs) n.
spec′tral·ly adv.
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Ahab and all his boat's crew seemed asleep but the Parsee; who crouching in the bow, sat watching the sharks, that spectrally played round the whale, and tapped the light cedar planks with their tails.
As instance: dim shapes and shadowy forms would sometimes appear to him out of the night, and as they flitted spectrally past he would hear, as in a dream, the hunting cries of the pack; and, as his pulse quickened, his own hunting instinct would rouse until his controlled soft-howling in the song broke into eager whinings.
Burns glared spectrally, but otherwise wonderfully composed.
He looked up at the high tower spectrally resisting the wind, and he looked round at the white tombstones, like enough to the dead in their winding-sheets, and he counted the nine tolls of the clock- bell.
Beyond the fence the forest stood up spectrally in the moonlight, and through the dim stir, through the faint sounds of that lamentable courtyard, the silence of the land went home to one's very heart,-- its mystery, its greatness, the amazing reality of its con- cealed life.
contract volume) for the delivery of a total of 8 pieces of spectrally selective document test equipment (7 of which as minimum acceptance quantity and 1 piece as the framework contract quantity), 7 pcs.
Orbital ATK Inc (NYSE: OA), a provider of aerospace and defence technologies, announced on Tuesday that it has won an initial production contract from the US Air Force, for the MJU-73/B, a new spectrally matched aircraft countermeasure.
Traditional systems use time and/or frequency multiplexing to enhance throughput, but are spectrally wasteful because they can't transmit/receive simultaneously.
GPG commissioned Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories to assess the performance of a liquid-applied, spectrally selective absorbing film at the Goodfellow Federal Center in St.
This is a very clever idea using the spectrally selective scattering properties of nanoparticles to create a transparent display," Shanhui Fan of Stanford University said.
has market change-based goals and is funded at 100 times the funding (annual basis) of the Spectrally Enhanced Lighting project at the Department of Energy.
Its southwestern rim and some of the surrounding ejecta are spectrally red.