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1. A spectroscope equipped to photograph or otherwise record spectra.

spec′tro·graph′ic adj.
spec′tro·graph′i·cal·ly adv.
spec·trog′ra·phy (-trŏg′rə-fē) n.
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Adj.1.spectrographic - relating to or employing a spectrograph
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Spectrographic analysis or x-ray diffraction methods were not applied.
Photometric observations began June 15, spectrographic observations will begin Wednesday, and the data will be gathered over approximately 90 days.
[4] The teams carried out spectrographic analysis of the protostar's light to determine the chemical constituents.
As ascertained by spectrographic data, the voice in its acoustic print is unique to the individual; it is, in fact, sometimes introduced in criminal court as reliable forensic evidence.
His latest project is the early detection of disease through the spectrographic analysis of a large set of urine samples collected from residents of Josephine County.
Cianflone is a global manufacturer of laboratory and portable x-ray spectrographic instrumentation.
Chemcraft software is used to model the compounds using electron spectrographic details available from the earlier works [7,8].
While at Lick I was an observing assistant assigned to astronomer George Herbig, helping to complete a spectrographic survey of bright stars using the 36-inch Clark refractor.
The given words were analyzed with the help of Waveform analysis and Spectrographic Analysis with a focus on Pitch and Duration which are two main contributing factors to lexical stress.
Her group combined data from Kepler, which measures the sizes of planets, with spectrographic observations from an Italian telescope in the Canary Islands.
From the time that laboratories had manuals of biochemical methods that involved weighing and measuring of reagents and utilisation of primitive spectrographic techniques, we have seen enormous advances in automation of testing processes and standardisation of commercially supplied reagents.