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An instrument that combines a solar telescope and a spectroscope and is used to observe a narrow band of solar radiation.

spec′tro·he′li·o·scop′ic (-skŏp′ĭk) adj.


(General Physics) an instrument, similar to the spectroheliograph, used for observing solar radiation at one particular wavelength
spectrohelioscopic adj


(ˌspɛk troʊˈhi li əˌskoʊp)

an apparatus, similar to a spectroheliograph, used for visual instead of photographic observations.
spec`tro•he`li•o•scop′ic (-ˈskɒp ɪk) adj.
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Seeing was poor in integrated light so to reduce the effects of atmospheric turbulence Hill decided to work in the long wavelengths of the spectrohelioscope (6563A).
An update of the author's decades-long endeavor of building a basic spectrohelioscope and popularizing the instrument to observe the Sun.
Hill had built his own spectrohelioscope and as he no longer used his excellent 12" [305mm] reflector it was acquired by Eric together with its housing dome.
Veio in his 84-page booklet, The Spectrohelioscope (available for $8.50 from him at P.O.