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A plural of speculum.
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"I've approached it with what I'd call healthy skepticism," he said, noting that traditional specula have been around for ages, and are easy to use.
Today, a 10-pack of plastic specula can be delivered to your front door--for under $10.
recently launched the KleenSpec[R] Single Use LED Vaginal Specula intended for use in hospital emergency departments, labor and delivery units, urgent care centers, ambulatory care surgery centers, clinics, and other women's health treatment centers.
the emotions through an analysis of three thirteenth-century specula
While it is convenient to use disposable specula, they are not as good as reusable ones because the finish on the inside of disposable specula is duller than on reusable specula, thus decreasing the amount of light shone on the TM.
Pneumatonometer of Langham was used in one study12 to record the effect of eyelid specula, lid sutures, and eyelid clamps on IOP.
En concreto, son 1061 las obras que desde Tertuliano, a comienzos del siglo iii, hasta el Papa Inocencio III, en 1216, han utilizado la voz speculum o specula y lo han hecho en 3658 ocasiones.
This product line offers a wide selection of the most popular styles and sizes of vaginal specula, retractors, forceps, hooks, and sterile disposable electrodes.
The new alert comes after metal specula - devices used to take smear tests - were not properly disinfected.
The present volume forms the catalog of an exhibit and conference held at Stanford University in 2001, celebrating the acquisition of a nearly complete collection of Kircher's published works by Stanford's library (save one, Specula Melitensis, 1638, and even that work can be consulted at Stanford, reprinted in another volume).
The Sabre Medical Field Exam Kit contains a waterproof All-in-One Otoscope with a 6,000-candlepower xenon bulb, 8 disposable specula, 5 cerumen removal attachments, a 90[degrees] bent light rod, and a spare bulb.