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A plural of speculum.
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I've approached it with what I'd call healthy skepticism," he said, noting that traditional specula have been around for ages, and are easy to use.
Logan explains that Pope Honorius Ill's 1219 Super specula already allowed promising candidates to be absent from their parishes for study before the 1298 Cum ex eo.
Today, a 10-pack of plastic specula can be delivered to your front door--for under $10.
recently launched the KleenSpec[R] Single Use LED Vaginal Specula intended for use in hospital emergency departments, labor and delivery units, urgent care centers, ambulatory care surgery centers, clinics, and other women's health treatment centers.
golden age of scholasticism, a remarkable series of specula principum
While it is convenient to use disposable specula, they are not as good as reusable ones because the finish on the inside of disposable specula is duller than on reusable specula, thus decreasing the amount of light shone on the TM.
The study, therefore, recommended that a method of eyelid retraction which allows adjustment is to be preferred, and that specula which do not allow this, such as the Barraquer speculum, are not to be recommended.
The new edifice is supplied with a neuro-navigation system, an intraoperative neuromonitoring system, brain and pituitary gland specula and other state-of-the-art medical equipment used in spine, skull base, and pediatric neurosurgeries, Wreikat added.
En concreto, son 1061 las obras que desde Tertuliano, a comienzos del siglo iii, hasta el Papa Inocencio III, en 1216, han utilizado la voz speculum o specula y lo han hecho en 3658 ocasiones.
Both models feature a Practitioner ophthalmoscope with a lens range of +40D to -25D; a fiberoptic otoscope; and a Dispos-a-Spec fitted with disposable specula in four size ranges.
Five Click Cunts, 1969, drawings in Prismacolor on muslin, resemble daisy-wheel specula or labial viewfinders, the bodily associations of which are emphasized by their title's verbal cue.
The new alert comes after metal specula - devices used to take smear tests - were not properly disinfected.