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 (spĕk′yə-lə-tĭv, -lā′-)
a. Given to, characterized by, or based upon speculation or conjecture: speculative articles about the origin of language.
b. Expressing inquisitive interest: raised a speculative eyebrow.
a. Engaging in, given to, or involving financial speculation: speculative brokers; speculative stocks.
b. Spent in speculation: speculative funds.
c. Involving chance; risky: speculative business enterprises.

spec′u·la·tive·ly adv.
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Adv.1.speculatively - with speculation; in a speculative manner; "he looked at her speculatively"
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spekulativ, theoretisch; look, saygrüblerisch
(= tentatively)vorsichtig
(Fin) → spekulativ; to invest speculatively in somethingmit etw spekulieren
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Before this time he had known it but speculatively; now he thought he knew it as a practical man; though perhaps he did not, even yet.
Jackson, speculatively, "is the line the Mingotts mean to take."
He cast his eyes speculatively up the slopes of the island to the seaman's landmark, Mount Kolorat, green-forested to its cloud-capped summit four thousand feet in the air.
He had nothing to do here, he sometimes said to himself; but there was something beyond the ocean that he was still to do; something that he had left undone experimentally and speculatively, to see if it could content itself to remain undone.
For some time they continued the argument, and then the intervals between one statement and the next became longer and longer, and they spoke more speculatively and less pugnaciously, and at last fell silent.
Hartz broker ground speculatively on the 12-story waterfront building in September and is scheduled to open it by December 2000.
Fore Business Park is in Stratford Road, next to junction four of the M42, and has 66,000 sq ft of existing office accommodation in two BREEAM 'Excellent' buildings which were speculatively developed in 2009 and currently at 85 per cent occupancy.
. Full story - Page 5 The most trusted examiner.co.uk news brand in the business 'Sheds' in demand DEMAND is rising for large warehouses and industrial "sheds" in Yorkshire, says a property expert - as would-be buyers seek deals on premises built speculatively across the region during the "boom" years.
The first unit, built speculatively, covers 182,00sqft.
The space will be built speculatively at the entrance of the estate.
Yesterday he was linked with Burnley, having previously been speculatively linked with a move to the States.