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Noun1.speculativeness - financial risk; "he rejected stocks that didn't pay dividends because of their speculativeness"
riskiness, peril - a state of danger involving risk
2.speculativeness - the quality of being a conclusion or opinion based on supposition and conjecture rather than on fact or investigation; "her work is highly contentious because of its speculativeness and lack of supporting evidence"
uncertainness, uncertainty, precariousness - being unsettled or in doubt or dependent on chance; "the uncertainty of the outcome"; "the precariousness of his income"
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Is the injury of a type that Congress sought to redress in providing a private remedy for violations of the [Lanham Act]?[;] (2) The directness or indirectness of the asserted injury[;] (3) The proximity or remoteness of the party to the alleged injurious conduct[;] (4) The speculativeness of the damages claim[;] (5) The risk of duplicative damages or complexity in apportioning damages") (first alteration in original).
There are insurmountable problems of discontinuity in enterprise management, unforeseeability of the parameters of risk, doubts about the contributory fault of others, speculativeness in discounting to present value....
But, for all its speculativeness, it addresses the problem of the emergence of religion with fiercely compelling force.
director would do by taking into account the speculativeness and
I explore the concept of speculativeness in part V and conclude in part VI.
speculativeness, that most influences the nature of the FOIA
that diminished the speculativeness of assessing damages,