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Noun1.speech intelligibility - the intelligibility of speech (usually measured in the presence of noise or distortion)
intelligibility - the quality of language that is comprehensible
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The proprietary limiter technology in XPN-AM provides loudness, ultra-clean audio with increased speech intelligibility, and improved coverage to AM signals.
Researchers in electrical engineering and computer science discuss applying new developments in speech signal processing in the diagnosis and treatment of speech and communication disorders and in the detection of risk of neuro-motor functioning; using acoustic modeling in the detection and treatment of cognitive, affective, and developmental disorders; and assessing and quantifying speech intelligibility in patients with congenital anatomical defects, disabling conditions, and degenerative diseases.
One study (24) evaluated speech intelligibility after primary palatoplasty in 12-month-old children with cleft lip and palate and verified that surgical intervention demonstrated satisfactory results for speech.
Speech intelligibility, the degree to which a normal person can understand speech, is different from speech quality.
Loizou, "An algorithm that improves speech intelligibility in noise for normal-hearing listeners," The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, vol.
A speech intelligibility measurement option has been added to this vendor's APx500 audio test software based upon the ABC-MRT speech-processing algorithm.
In the Cathedral of Benevento, reverberation time impedes speech intelligibility and reception of music.
Speech intelligibility rate (SIR) is used to measure the speech intelligibility of a child with implantation by quantifying their everyday spontaneous speech in real-life situations (15).
As a 'placebo' control, the other group played a game that challenged player's auditory working memory and wasn't expected to help with speech intelligibility.
Bolero uses a high-clarity 7 KHz voice codec to provide higher speech intelligibility and more efficient use of RF spectrum.

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