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Noun1.speech pattern - distinctive manner of oral expressionspeech pattern - distinctive manner of oral expression; "he couldn't suppress his contemptuous accent"; "she had a very clear speech pattern"
pronunciation - the manner in which someone utters a word; "they are always correcting my pronunciation"
drawl - a slow speech pattern with prolonged vowels
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* Recorded interview This recording captured on the same CD as the photo, will help to show the appearance, speech pattern, and personal characteristics and mannerisms for easy media distribution.
This system has enabled transcription of what a person says and how they said it by replicating the position a mouth makes when speaking a certain speech pattern.
What the Commission needs to address is the ignorance and prejudice which mistakenly links intellect and attraction with speech pattern.
Combine this rhotic speech pattern (basically, how people pronounce their "r's") with the stretched-out "a's", as in "fah-thah (for "father"), and the widened "o's" ("taw-nic" instead of "tonic") and you get what many out-of-staters know as the Boston accent - and what most everyone else knows as the New England accent.
Everyone can look at any detail, a piece of clothing or a speech pattern and go 'No, no, this is not what it was,' and that's really scary."
The actor, 41, said playing soldier-turned-terrorist Nicholas Brody has affected his real-life speech pattern.
With a Smile Spa ImplantO all this is avoided and the natural speech pattern returns.
HOWARD BERKES, RURAL AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT, NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO: Recalling an interview with a person whose speech pattern was affected by the onset of Parkinson's disease, Berkes says, "I kind of laid out the options to him; I can edit out the stuttering, or we don't have to do the interview." The man seemed very grateful for the editing, Berkes says.
When you play your recording back, listen to your speech pattern and your tone of voice.
As you can see, McCaffrey expresses his concern for youth via a strange bureaucratic speech pattern that exhibits a Bushian inability to form coherent sentences.
In addition, speech recognition technology has a historically poor performance record when used without first being trained in the ins-and-outs of each user's speech pattern. While this doesn't present a problem for dictation software that can be coached before being used, it does lead to difficulties when accessing multiple voice portals that may not be able to distinguish the nuances of speech among thousands of individuals.
Alternate language forms become disorders when a child can not recognize proper speech and when the dialect becomes a dysfunctional speech pattern. Some argue that these children with ebonics, who are victims of a poverty class or dysfunctional family language environment, are appropriately thought to have language disorders and often with learning disabilities.