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Noun1.speech perception - the auditory perception (and comprehension) of speech
auditory perception, sound perception - the perception of sound as a meaningful phenomenon
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After 6 months of post-operative auditory verbal therapy the speech perception significantly increases and moreover, it continues to improve with time.
In a recent study, cochlear implants were found to improve speech perception, symptoms of depression, and cognitive function in older adults with profound hearing loss (in which even amplified speech is difficult to understand or even inaudible).
A cochlear implant speech processor looks just like a hearing aid and is programmed by a specialist audiologist to provide the best possible speech perception for the individual.
Her research interests include second language speech perception, pronunciation instruction, and computer-assisted language learning.
Designed primarily for the purpose of speech perception, they are generally effective in quiet environments but less effective for perceiving speech in noisy environments [1] or for perceiving prosody [2, 3].
Mssaro in [6] for speech perception contrasted the traditional model and fuzzy model.
Verbal and nonverbal integration in speech perception and production among born-deaf children with cochlear implants
Language abilities can range from speech perception to bilingual ability and grammatical aptitude.
The current study wishes to focus on one aspect of language acquisition, speech, and search for empirical evidence as well as theoretical implications of the following proposal: whether personality can be seen as a factor, through the effect of category formation, in influencing cross-linguistic speech perception accuracy.
It has been suggested that the late MC, like the classic MMN, is a prominent tool in studying speech perception and learning [23].
While comparing pragmatic outcomes in these patients, a study found progressive improvement of their speech perception abilities over time.8 It also found no differences in performance measured by the Common Phrases test between the 2 groups.