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Noun1.speech production - the utterance of intelligible speechspeech production - the utterance of intelligible speech
utterance, vocalization - the use of uttered sounds for auditory communication
speech - the exchange of spoken words; "they were perfectly comfortable together without speech"
whisper, whispering, susurration, voicelessness - speaking softly without vibration of the vocal cords
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Among her topics are describing and explaining motion, sound waves, phonation: measurement and instrumentation, the production and perception of vowels and consonants, theories and models of speech production, and theories of speech perception.
Therefore, fluency is one of the aspects of speech production, characterized as a multifaceted phenomenon, composed by the following elements: hesitations or disfluencies, reformulations, fluent silent pauses, speech rate or speech velocity, smoothness or ease of emission, grammatical ability and semantic complexity (2, 3).
Improvement of nonfluent aphasia patients' speech production by voice cues is related to the direct extraction of phonological encoding.
In an evolutionary context, communication probably evolved from hand and facial gestures, and progressed to language, with all the complexity and nuances that are entailed in speech perception and speech production.
and treatment not only of speech production and language expression and comprehension, but also of swallowing and cognitive-communication function.
Doing so revealed that macaques use roughly the same range of vocal tract movements as humans do during speech production, and could, if they had the neural capability, speak like humans.
This question brings together two areas of speech production which are rarely considered side by side: conceptualisation and lexical access.
The device is a short-term prosthetics used to close defects of the palate that affect speech production.
We finish this set of articles with the studies by Toassi and Mota (UFSC-SC) about the lexical excess of bilinguals, in which the authors expand the presuppositions of the bilingual lexis for the study with multilingual speakers, and present studies that investigate the Revised Hierarchical Model (RHM), the Bilingual Interactive Activation Plus (BIA+) model and the speech production models of sequential and interactive view.
Meaning-related [semantic] areas of the brain are activated in both, but reading aloud or listening to reading also engages auditory areas and speech production areas.
Using novel vocal and facial biomarkers based on the coordination and timing of speech production and facial movements, this system can transform the treatment of MDD.
Speech production is a complex, multi-staged process transforming conceptual ideas into an acoustic signal to be comprehensible to other people.

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