speech therapist

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speech therapy

Treatment of speech defects and disorders, especially through use of exercises and audio-visual aids that develop new speech habits.

speech therapist n.
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Noun1.speech therapist - a therapist who treats speech defects and disorders
healer, therapist - a person skilled in a particular type of therapy
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speech therapist

nlogopedista m/f, logoterapista m/f
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Irfan, Orthotist Bushra Gillani and Speech Therapist Sheraz Khan.
Some of these solutions include training speech therapist assistants and mentoring students, conducting workshops targeting parents, and creating awareness through video for parents and caregivers.
The PM was briefed that Nida Khan will be fully rehabilitated with the assistance of speech therapist within a period of 1 to 2 years.
In the questionnaire answered by physiotherapists and occupational therapists when questioned about the characterization of the function speech therapist all the ones that answered quoted some areas of the action of this professional; however, it was not approached all the possibilities of action.
King George VI was famous for his stammer, which he managed partially to overcome with the help of Australian speech therapist Lionel Logue.
The purpose of this study was to examine congruence between the Nursing Bedside Dysphagia Screening tool (NBDS) and a speech therapist bedside dysphagia evaluation.
The puppets, which have a tongue and teeth, are the perfect assistant for every speech therapist.
At a young age, my younger brother struggled with speech, so as I started to think about the work I wanted to do, I thought back about how much his life was changed by his speech therapist," says Curtis.
The actor and singer is to take the role of Australian speech therapist Lionel Logue, made famous by Geoffrey Rush in the 2010 film.
Thrust onto the throne following his brother's abdication, King George seeks the help of an unorthodox Australian speech therapist to help him overcome a terrible stutter and lead his nation through the war.
Colin Firth played the British king with Geffrey Rush as the Australian speech therapist who helped him.
Clinical lead speech therapist Kate Cummings said: "The programme aims to support children if their language skills are below the average for their age and helps to bring them up to the same level as other children.