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1. Lacking the faculty of speech.
2. Temporarily unable to speak, as through astonishment.
3. Refraining from speech; silent.
4. Unexpressed or inexpressible in words: speechless admiration.

speech′less·ly adv.
speech′less·ness n.
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Noun1.speechlessness - the property of being speechless
silence, quiet - the absence of sound; "he needed silence in order to sleep"; "the street was quiet"
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The avoidance of speech:
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òögli, òögn
dili tutulmuşluk


(lit)Stummheit f; (= loss of speech)Sprachverlust m
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(spiːtʃ) noun
1. (the act of) saying words, or the ability to say words. Speech is one method of communication between people.
2. the words said. His speech is full of colloquialisms.
3. manner or way of speaking. His speech is very slow.
4. a formal talk given to a meeting etc. parliamentary speeches.
ˈspeechless adjective
unable to speak, often because of surprise, shock etc. He looked at her in speechless amazement.
ˈspeechlessly adverb
ˈspeechlessness noun
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'I follow you, sir,' returned Bazzard; who had done his work of consuming meat and drink in a workmanlike manner, though mostly in speechlessness.
WHEN ASKED ABOUT ELIZABETH TAYLOR, IRELAND IS ON THE BRINK OF SPEECHLESSNESS. "What a gift to be mentored by Elizabeth," she says after a long pause.
In the current phase where we see more speechlessness we believe that it is important to maintain the security partnership between the Israeli and Palestinian territories," she said.
He suffered a series of strokes during the last years of his life and became increasingly isolated due to paralysis and speechlessness inflicted by strokes.
The symptoms of food poisoning are stomach tenusmus, motions, vomiting, fever, weakness, nausea, headache, eyesight, speechlessness dehydration, dry tongue, low urine, and haematuria.
One day she was assigned to do a series on 'the ten neediest cases' identified by the Social Welfare Department - leper parents nursing their children in squalor, bloodstained TB patients, infants with swollen heads that battered her 'into speechlessness and near-tears at every interview.
Conscious of all the bloody deeds that occurred in Agamemnon's house and full of foreboding of the crimes to come, she is overcome by speechlessness, which after about 300 lines gives way to inarticulate cries that are later followed by meaningful speech.
He has not suffered aphasia, as his attending doctors suspect, the brain malfunction that causes speechlessness. Smith makes the strange claim, instead, that he couldn't speak because "they're jamming the air waves." Nor was it electronic gremlins that had hacked into the speaker system.
For my speechlessness struck me as more philosophically significant than the mixture of specific feelings to which it owed.
"It electrifies you into complete speechlessness. I have seen it.