speed demon

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Noun1.speed demon - a driver who exceeds the safe speed limitspeed demon - a driver who exceeds the safe speed limit
driver - the operator of a motor vehicle
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SPEED DEMONS The racers in their boat Spirit of Inverclyde.
With sequential read scores of up to 4041 MB/s and sequential write scores of up to 5388 MB/s, the USB 3.0 Express Ram★Disk is a speed demon of a drive housed in a sleek aluminum casing.
Paul, 39, stars in Fast & Furious 6, which is good, because we can't get enough of his speed demon antics as Brian O'Connor, and think he might have something to do with the fact we've kept coming back for more all these years.
Justin Bieber, start your engine: Indian rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh says in a race, he'll beat the 19-year-old speed demon hands down.
But more impressively, the HyperX Predator is a speed demon, reading files at 240 MB/s and writing them at 160 MB/s.
"We were aiming to remain consistent and keep on bagging the points - a couple of top-five finishes was the target," the Bonvilston-based speed demon revealed.
New Audi races into town AUDI'S new 155mph speed demon will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.
Where would that transplanted Motor City speed demon Peter Pi and CorBon be today without Super Vel having led the way?
Edited by Zeid Nasser IBM, the number one vendor of UNIX systems, has introduced a pair of ultra-powerful high-end machines, including the world's most powerful server, the IBM System p5 595 - a 64-core speed demon capable of a record-shattering four million transactions per minute at an affordable cost per transaction.
Be a speed demon when it comes to learning the moves.