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A method of reading rapidly by assimilating several words or phrases at a glance or by skimming.
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Noun1.speed-reading - reading at speeds significantly faster than normal
reading - the cognitive process of understanding a written linguistic message; "his main reading was detective stories"; "suggestions for further reading"
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Speed-reading is being encouraged and that by people who ought to know better.
When we all learned to read, we generally did so by internally "saying" the words we read in our head, which is called "subvocalizing." This mental process is connected to the jaw, which is apparently why some people move their lips when they read, or at least that's the theory that people studying speed-reading back in the 1960s came up with.
I envisage the final being played out on some totally forgettable Bank Holiday where speed-reading the news in the most articulate and straight-faced manner will win the day.
Tips to avoid information overload include speed-reading techniques, bookmarking tools, automating your feeds for alerts, and utilizing apps that can summarize the main points of books.
4 Learn speed-reading. Sign up for a speed-reading course, check out a book from the library or search for tutorials on Youtube or Wikihow to teach yourself a basic speed-reading technique.
The competitions included photography, painting, Jigsaw Puzzles, clay designs, pencil drawing, poetry reciting, reading texts, public speaking, memory tests, speed-reading, imitating animal sounds, among others.
The schoolboy can read an average 400-page book in under two hours, using techniques he learned from his grandmother Susan Norman, a speed-reading expert.
A 10-YEAR-OLD speed-reading prodigy has been challenged by Amazon to write the first review of the new Harry Potter story.
The language of speed as a value in the arena of narrative consumption is fraught with huckster snake oil promises: speed-reading can be taught, but what will you remember?
More than 350 students from Grades 6 to 8 from 40 schools participated in the speed-reading competition to help bolster language skills.
Washington, April 23 ( ANI ): Researchers have pointed out that speed-reading apps can impair reading comprehension by limiting ability to backtrack.
I haven't quite recovered from the horror of speed-reading three books a week.